July News Update

Summer students presented their work at JHU CARES: http://hopkins-cares.med.jhmi.edu/

Departing postdoc Kat Schrode's paper was accepted by eNeuro: http://www.eneuro.org/content/early/2018/07/26/ENEURO.0250-18.2018

Postdoc Laurel Screven and Research Technologist Madison Weinberg join the lab.

Dr. Lauer participated as course faculty in the Audiology Workshop on Hearing Disorders & Evaluation in the Com Dis department at the University at Buffalo

So much news for May!

Dillan Villavisanis & Mark Scotto di Vetta graduated with bachelor's degrees, James Engel graduated with a masters degree, Dillan won the James West Fellowship from the Acoustical Society of America (and in April won the ASA DC chapter 2nd place Student Presentation Award), incoming postdoc Laurel Screven successfully defended her thesis, and two of Dr. Lauer's R01 grants were funded. Also, we are looking forward to having Naz (JHU STAR award winner), Omo, and new students Garrett Brown and Erin Young join us for summer research. Congratulations to everyone! Well done! Time for a little vacation...